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Permanent Makeup Training provided to students in the following states:

Florida (FL) - Ohio (OH) - Georgia (GA) - illinois (IL) - Michigan (MI) - New York (NY NYC) - Bahamas - North Carolina (NC) - South Carolina (SC)

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Paramedical Credentials

In this program you will learn the three (3) following procedures:

Areola Repigmentation, Needling/Scar Softening /Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), and Color Correction

This course is a C.E. Advanced Program.  You must have completed fundamental Permanent Makeup prior to enrolling.

     Please click on photo to read our article on
Paramedical Derma-pigmentation 


Benefits of areola Repigmentation:

  • Post treatment for breast cancer patients
  • To enhance areolas that are too close to the skin tone
  • Patients whom have had breast augmentation

Why you should add this on to your pmu services:

  • You will be more marketable to plastic surgeons and dermatologists with a                    Paramedical Micropigmentologist Certification in addition to your Permanent Makeup
  • Some insurance companies include Areola work as part of the reconstruction process . Become a provider!
  • Did you know 1 out of 8 women develops some type of breast cancer?
  • It's in demand and a need
  • You can really make a difference in a persons life
  • As a Professional with cutting edge training, you will begin to see clients that have been elsewhere for procedures.  They will be referred to you due to undesirable past results.  Color Correction can play a tremendous role in your Permanent Cosmetic career!

  • Our Highly qualified team of dedicated professionals has been Instructing classes in the art of Areola reconstruction, Scar Camouflaging and repigmentation since 2005.   
    In Addition we have also studied and completed a comprehensive training program apprenticing under two(2)
    tattoo artists. 

    True works of art have not only been seen but also felt in the hearts of clients that truly needed our skill.





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